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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Why Forklift Theology?

Sometimes the question must be asked “Why was that loaded this way?” or “Why did you not load this that way?” For me, the answer will typically have something to … Continue reading

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Society, it would seem, is obsessed with winning. To that end, there are numerous products out there that make claims about being a necessity to win. Other products imply, via … Continue reading

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Where did that come from?

Hooray for mystery freight! You just have to love freight that shows up in a black trailer that is backed into the dock and there is no truck attached and … Continue reading

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Secret Royalty

I have heard it said that managers don’t understand what we do. To some extent, that may be true, but to some extent, perhaps not. What on earth ¬†could I … Continue reading

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Man Up

Leadership is a confusing concept for some. Indeed, there is a tendency to think that leadership has something to do with being in charge. Indeed, we often accept that whomever … Continue reading

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