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Just another day.

How often have you woken up and groaned “Just another day”? I know that in my own life I have done this far more often than I care to admit. Having worked in the freight industry for nearly sixteen years, I imagine that I have had numerous days in which I have felt that way. Having spoken with others, I find that I am not the only one. So it would seem that such is fairly common, even if we do not want to readily admit to it.

People tend to groan about all sorts of things. People even groan against God. Such was the case during the time of the prophet Malachi. Such was the case when the Sanhedrin brought Christ Jesus up before Pontius Pilate on false charges.  People tend to groan when they don’t get their way or things are not going the way they specifically would things to go. Nothing new under the sun in that regard. People can, will, and do groan about just about anything.

Lets just stop for a moment. We groan and complain almost daily about something. What about God? Don’t you suppose that if given the opportunity he may have a few complaints about us? Lets be honest, as we go about what is “just another day” we will undoubtedly sin in some manner that has become somewhat habitual. It may even be something that we are so unaware of that we do not even think we’ve sinned, simply because it has become habit. Think that God might complain about that? Yes, it is quite likely that he would. Be honest, none of us is sinless. Thus it is that if anyone has a right to complain, it would God.

When he was crucified, Jesus only once complained from the cross. He said “My God, why have you forsaken me?”.  Yet, he still had the presence of mind to ask God to forgive those (including us) who were crucifying him. Jesus took upon himself the full wrath of God for our sake that we may be forgiven our sins and live “just another day”.  Maybe we should just sit and think for a second. Jesus had several reasons to complain, especially in light of how he was treated by his critics.

Yes, we may think it is “just another day”, yet we complain. Instead of complaining to God, especially when things are not the way we want it, we should be thanking him. It is only by God’s grace that we get to live another day. When we reach the end of our lives, we may find ourselves trying to beg God to grant us “just another day”. We should live our lives in thankfulness now so that will not be the case then. If we give thanks to God for each day we live, no matter our circumstances, we will find ourselves groaning less and living more. That is the way it should be.

Every day is “just another day” that we have to live and give God thanks. It is “just another day” we have to spend with our families and friends. It is “just another day” we have to serve our Lord and Savior by doing those things he has called us to do for the sake of his kingdom. May we stop complaining so that every day we live can be a day lived in thankfulness.


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  1. Forklift Rentals

    Excellent written for awakening hope for a new day. Love it!

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