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Monthly Archives: November, 2013


Today is the common American celebration known as “Thanksgiving”. Sadly, coming close upon the heels of it is the annual “Black Friday” sales. What does this mean? Seriously, what does … Continue reading

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Missing In Action

Calling in sick in never any fun. For me it means laying on the couch all day with a blanket, dozing off and waking at odds times, usually because a … Continue reading

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One thing I hate is dealing with broken freight. Broken freight wastes time and can cause serious injuries if mishandled, never minding that it was already mishandled at some point. … Continue reading

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Just another day.

How often have you woken up and groaned “Just another day”? I know that in my own life I have done this far more often than I care to admit. … Continue reading

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Good Job

We all love to hear praise for our efforts. Doesn’t matter if its for getting that last load done quickly or staying late to ensure that a particular customer’s order … Continue reading

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It is never a good thing when a piece of equipment goes down. Over the years that I have worked in shipping I have seen equipment fail at the worst … Continue reading

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