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Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


When it comes to the workplace, we all want equal treatment. Of course, the practical is that we can not be treated equal. A new hire should not have the same pay as an employee who has been with the company for over a decade, nor should they be given a position of authority over a veteran employee. In like manner, not everyone within a given company can necessarily do the same job as somebody else. Simple truth, we can not all be equal in the workplace. However, there is nothing wrong with that. However, society has a tendency to see things differently.

I am certain that many have noticed that strange little sticker that some people place on their vehicles. Yes, that little dark blue one with the yellow bars arranged as an equal sign. What is that all about? Truthfully, I wondered about that for a while. It is a political statement about the idea of marriage equality. It is also a failure of logic. The specific failure is that everyone has an equal chance to marry somebody, with the only limitation being that of having to marry somebody of the opposite gender. Thus, the issue. Those who are placing these stickers on their vehicles are calling for a change of marriage that violates both scripture and logic.

Let me take a harsh, cold, and logical look at this situation with a simple thought experiment. Let us presume that we have three islands. Each island is, for all practical intent and purposes, equal in terms of materials for creating shelter and providing food. Now then, on each island, let’s place a monogamous couple. The first island would be a heterosexual couple. The second and third islands would each have a homosexual couple, two men on one and two women on the other. In order to prevent tampering, military ships are stationed just far enough out to discourage anyone from going to or leaving the island. What do you suppose we’d find if we came back twenty years later? Bear in mind that the only difference between the islands was that two them had homosexual couples on them. Also, nobody was allowed on or off the island during that time. We would, reasonably, expect some form of population growth on the first island, given that was the one with the heterosexual couple. The other two islands? Just two old men on one and two old women on the other. OOPS! It would seem that despite everything being, supposedly equal, no population growth can be observed on those two islands.

Yes, such an experiment would be unreasonable and rather cruel to perform in real life, not to mention prohibitively expensive. However, it is also highly unnecessary. Something quite similar already exists in the history books. Specifically, the Roman Empire. It is well documented that homosexuality was very much commonplace towards the end of the empire. It is also well known that there was a negative population growth. This generated a problem that would be the end of the empire. Specifically, the government was losing revenue. Such a situation meant that roads could no longer be maintained, there were few people who would or could work, and very little was being produced. The government, which had passively allowed homosexuality to become normative, now was forced to issue an edict to discourage and otherwise ban the wholesale practice of homosexuality in order to save the empire. History bears witness that it was too little too late. Cold hard facts.

Sadly, we see much that same thing today. Even worse, unlike the church during the era of the Roman empire (which was suffering much persecution up until the time of Constantine), the modern church is actually accepting homosexuality as normal, nevermind that the Holy Bible specifically condemns it has a sin and an abomination. Yes, I am well aware that my critics would attempt to argue that was only in the Old Testament and that Jesus never said a word about it. I will counter that they are only half right. It is true that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, he didn’t have to. The culture into which he was born and walked among would have considered homosexuality a sin punishable by death, in accordance with the law of Moses. However, Jesus also said that he did not come to nullify the law, but to fulfill it. Thus, Jesus affirmed the Mosaic law.

The Apostle Paul would be the one to write an outright condemnation of homosexuality and it was being written, rather ironically, to the Romans. In the very first chapter, Paul discusses the wrath of God and how homosexuality debases the creation. The simple truth, homosexuality was still a sin. Paul would speak about sexual immorality in his other epistles, but he was quite specific in Romans with regards to homosexuality and God’s judgment of it. There is no way to wiggle out of that. Any church attempting to claim otherwise is not a church.

Equality. Does it really exist? Yes. However, the only true equality is that which is found in salvation. In this regard, we are all equal. There are no levels of salvation. Nobody is more “saved” than somebody else. Salvation is also equal in that it is there for men, women, and children, regardless of where we come from or what our past was. However, death is also equal. We will all die, and then we must stand judgment. Judgment is equal only so far as there is not a single individual who can avoid standing before God’s judgment.

When it comes to the workplace, we all want and should be treated fairly, however, we are not all equal with regards to skills, longevity, or training. As such, we cannot be paid the same and though it may be that we are not equal in that we regard, it is only right and fair. In marriage, true equality can only exist in the union of man and woman, as they alone can bring up future generations and balance one another. Governments are not the church. Governments are forbidden to interfere in the affairs of the church, including marriage, which is a rite of the church, not a right of society. Unless we recognize marriage for what it truly is, we destine ourselves and our children to damnation and strife. God has made it abundantly clear that homosexuality is not equal to heterosexuality in his eyes. For a government or church to say otherwise is to violate the word of God. For this, they will not go unpunished, for though it may take time, their judgment will come and they will topple.

Equal? Really? No! It may seem unfair, but marriage belongs solely to God. He defined marriage in the very beginning and he has never changed that standard. Even the patriarchs will stand judgment for having multiple wives, as God never truly permitted it, and merely tolerated it. So too will all would claim a marriage consisting of anything other than one man and one woman, as defined by scripture. We can repent and accept God’s view of marriage, or we can topple like the Roman Empire. God leaves that choice to us but assures us of eternal consequences of that choice.

Choose, but choose wisely. Justice is more important than secular “equality”. Incidentally, those who support “equality” are also “science deniers”.


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