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Monthly Archives: October, 2013


When it comes to the workplace, we all want equal treatment. Of course, the practical is that we can not be treated equal. A new hire should not have the … Continue reading

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Don’t Do That!

Shipping freight often involves a lot of rules and regulations. It is even harder when you have different rules and/or regulations for different types of freight. Sometimes the regulations make … Continue reading

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Money, Motivation, and Hot Water

The internal combustion engine is an amazing thing. However, amazing though it is, the internal combustion engine can and does get quite hot. In fact, experience has shown me that … Continue reading

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Training and Following Instructions

One near universal truth about any job is that of training. The simple truth of this is that in order to do any particular type of job, you must be … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t do that?

Employees are the same everywhere. Seems to matter little what company they work for. Matters even less what the occupational setting is. There is an attitude that seems to pervade … Continue reading

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Inspections are a part of life. Matters little if its a safety inspection, a health and welfare inspection, or a trailer inspection. Inspections happen and they are inevitable. What the … Continue reading

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