Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


Accidents happen. That is a fact of life. Nobody goes looking for them. Matters little whether its two forklifts colliding due to a wet floor or a strap hitting somebody after being thrown, even in spite of advanced warning. Sometimes we are involved in an accident because we failed to heed the warning, other times it is because there was no warning. Regardless, accidents can and will happen.

Throughout the Bible, God frequently used angels as messengers. Often they were sent to warn of coming calamity, whether it was immediate or far off in the future. Some of these warning are still valid today as those events foretold have yet to happen. However, do we heed these warnings? No. We are often just like the children of Israel were. Despite the warnings given, they often found themselves in the middle of a bad situation that could have been prevented had they only listened to the warning given.

We are not that much different. Matters little if the warning comes from an angel or another person, people will still ignore it and do things that are foolish. Matters little if its driving to fast on a wet floor or not listening when a guy on the other side of trailer screams “over” before throwing a strap over the trailer for securing a load. What do we do about this? Isn’t there a better way?

Yes. God promises that those who take refuge in God will be safe. True, we may yet befall physical harm, but is our physical well being as important as our spiritual well being? Yes and no. Yes, nobody wants to get injured. No, for God can ultimately raise us up at the last day. However, if we truly take refuge in God, we also need to heed his warnings, even as they are recorded in the Bible. Yes, we may not understand exactly what it means, but if we seek his will and pray, we may find ourselves able to avoid that which we are forewarned against. In heeding God’s warning, we have taken refuge in him.

However, let us not lose sight of the dangers in our immediate lives either. Just because God has not provided an angelic messenger with a specific warning about the dangers of cargo straps doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exercise caution. Indeed, we must recognize those immediate and specific dangers. In like manner, we can and should recognize the potential consequences and try to avert it.

God used angels and prophets to warn the Israeli people of impending danger. Let us also consider those warnings on a personal level and seek, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to correct ourselves of those things in our lives that violate God’s law and his will for us. In doing so, we can seek him as our refuge in times of danger and can be assured that at the last day, we may be able to stand before his throne. Getting hit with a strap, though dangerous, is not nearly as great a risk as having to spend eternity in Hell. God has given you the warning and a way to avoid the danger of going to Hell. Now its time for you to respond to that warning.


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