Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Get to work.

In the warehouse, there are many attitudes regarding the various jobs that need accomplishing. They vary from enthusiastic to apathetic. Often, the attitudes vary in accordance with a given job. An employee might be quite enthusiastic about doing one job, but completely apathetic about another, even to the point of all but refusing to do the job. Sadly, there are even times when somebody may question why they have to do one job while somebody else gets to do another job. Then there are those who question why they have to work at all.

Truthfully, working is quite biblical. In fact, working goes all the back to the beginning of our race, as recorded in the book of Genesis. The fact is that God intended us to work. In Genesis 2:15, God had put the first man in the garden of Eden to tend it and keep it. Thus, our first ancestor had a job, he was a professional gardener. His first two sons would be a farmer and shepherd. Yes, work is a part of bloodline, since the beginning of time.

Later, the Apostle Paul would make some rather interesting observations about work. Some of them may sound harsh, but they are still quite apt today. One such phrase is “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat”, from 2¬†Thessalonians 3:10. However harsh that may sound, the simple truth is that there is no excuse for not working. There are a good number of instances when people with various disabilities ranging of blindness to hearing impaired or even amputees have still been able to find meaningful full time employment. So, it is not that work is not available.

I often think that the truth is that humanity is becoming increasingly lazy. It is as if we either want a desk job or no job. Even worse, if we choose the path of not working at all, we still have needs we want met. How do we meet those needs? We try to get somebody else to pay for them, even if it means seeking government assistance. To do this is to live a life of lies and deception, as you have to prove that you are thoroughly unable to find a job, never mind that jobs do exist, even if it is not something you want.

If we are truly seeking to live lives that are pleasing to God, we really do need to work. It matters little what type of employment we hold, if we are working, we are fulfilling part of what we are created for. We are not created to sit at home on facebook, google, or twitter all day. We are created to work. If we can find a job we enjoy, or even learn to enjoy the job that we have, that is just much better. Regardless, some type of job is better than no job at all. Anyone who is not working or honestly seeking employment is not living up to part of God’s design for us.

There is no shame in working, whether it is loading freight or fixing pipes. God’s word tells us plain that a good worker need not be ashamed of his labors. If you do your job well and work hard, you can likely expect that in time to be rewarded for your efforts. It may not seem like it, but the rewards will come, though often not how we may expect it. Also, bear in mind that your employer is under command from God in how they treat you. Indeed Ephesians 6:5 through 6:9, though applying to a slave/master relationship, can also apply easily to the employee/employer relationship, and expresses God’s view on how such a relationship should be and why. To this end, employers are required of God to treat their employees well and employees are required of God to do well in their jobs. Indeed, it is and can be no other way.

Also, if you have a job and are asked to come in on a day you don’t normally work, don’t settle to work half a day when you know well that there is more than enough work for a full day. Instead, stay and work for the duration of the day, thus you will show yourself faithful before man and God in your labors. In doing so, you will be abiding in the will of God and doing that which will grant you favor before your fellow employees.


Seriously, its time to get to work.

I may not entirely agree with this song, but at least I am working for a living.


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