Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Roll with it.

Wednesday and Friday nights get pretty hectic where I work. Especially in the flatbed yard. Understand that flatbed trailers are frequently used for really heavy, awkward, or over-sized freight. This can include items such as I-beams for building and construction, large sheets (forty feet long) of plate steel, or even five foot diameter sewage pipe.  Often this stuff can be quite difficult to work with. Sometimes it will arrive in such a manner that it is difficult to know what do with it, aside from pulling it off the trailer it was brought in on.

In some ways, it can be likened unto when Joshua was preparing to attack the city of Jericho. In Joshua’s case, he had a clear objective, but no clear way to go about it. His spies had reported a crack in the wall of the city. How could Joshua exploit that? He couldn’t. Instead, the Lord God sent a messenger to Joshua, giving him some rather unusual battle instructions. He was told to march around the city a specific number of times each day for a week. On the last day, he was to do the same and as they finished marching they were to blow the horns and shout. In someways, it made less sense than trying take and stack oddly shaped freight on a flatbed.

Joshua followed the instructions given. In essence, he simply chose to “roll with it”. Often, that is all we can do. It matters little if we are dealing with large and awkward freight or stuck in bad traffic. Sometimes we get stuck in a situation that doesn’t make a lot of sense and we have to deal with factors that simply are not in our favor. Such was the case with Joshua. Such is often the case when loading a flatbed trailer. All we can do is “roll with it” and hope for the best.

One of the best things we can do when stuck in an odd or unfavorable situation is simply to pray and then just “roll with it”. God is faithful, he will not let you go through it alone. No matter the situation, he is in control. Things may not work out the way we want them to, but if we just trust God and otherwise “roll with it”, we will get through it.


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