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In the dictionary I keep up on the bookshelf is the word “gully”, which is a type of valley. Also in that self same dictionary is the word “gullible” which means “easily deceived or duped”. At the time of this writing, on the signage of a Tacoma area church is the statement “Did you know that the word Gullible is not in the dictionary?” Yes, the statement is false. Even worse, it is cruel prank.

In the Bible, Satan is called a deceiver and the father of lies. Indeed, he deceived Eve, and by way of association Adam, into eating the forbidden fruit. Satan even attempted to persuade Jesus to abandon his purpose and to worship him. Jesus rebuked him at every turn.  Yes, Satan is still active in the world today. More so than ever do we need to abide by God’s Commandments (commonly called the 10 Commandments, but can also be divided in 13 or more depending upon how you look at them, but I digress). Among those commandments are the words “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Satan did that with Eve. He attempted to do so with Jesus by twisting the scriptures to get them to say something that they should not say.

This church I write of is also bearing false witness. It is a sad state of affairs when churches engage in falsehoods in order to try to get people’s attention. When a church or members of a church begin to lie and resort to pranks to appear relevant, they are denying the scripture and have become corrupt. The pastor and those responsible for the operations of the church should repent of such wickedness. Failure to repent should mean the end of that congregation. We shall all be held accountable at the judgment for all we have said, even on our church signs.

I am not a member of that congregation. I just happened to see the sign as I drove past on my way to the library. I can not know why such a sign was permitted. I do know that it made me not want to visit that particular church. Forklift theology is a forklift operator view of the Christian faith. Such being the case, I call it as I see it. In this case, I see a church that has engaged in deception and is in dire need of repentance or needs to simply close its doors. Deception does not belong in the church. Any church that engages in deception is in violation of the word of God. To violate the word of God is neither right nor sane.

If we confess our sins, including acts of deception, he who is faithful, will forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.


2 comments on “Gullible?

    • Christopher Rose

      I really liked this. It is quite fitting with what I have written in that post.

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