Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


Moses had led the children of Israel for forty years. Now, Joshua would lead them into the promised land. However, before they could enter, and before he died, Moses had one last thing to tell them. He gave them a stern warning about keeping the law of God. Moses told them very plainly that they would live and do well if they did not stray for God’s law. However, history bears witness that such was not necessarily the case. Indeed, it would seem that the children of Israel went through an odd series of cycles of faithfulness and faithlessness.

Sometimes we are the same way. Companies have policies in place regarding how employees are supposed to act and dress when at work. Some employees are pretty good at following such policies, others not so much so. Oddly, sometimes it would seem that some individuals swing back and forth between these two states. Now then, what happens when somebody doesn’t necessarily follow company policy? Usually there is some sort of disciplinary actions, usually an informal interview to see what is going on, often followed by a more formal written report if the offense continues, finalizing in termination if the employee continues in not following company policy.

However, we all have our “OOPS” moments. Perhaps we failed to wear the prescribed attire, or we did something unsafe because we were distracted by a personal problem at home. It happens to all of us. So too, it was with the children of Israel. Eventually, God needed to set them straight by sending Jesus. Jesus knew full well that the children of Israel were not being faithful to God when he came to them. Most were just going through the motions, but their hearts were elsewhere. OOPS! Jesus confronted them on their faithlessness and attempted to correct them. However, only a those who were regarded as “commoners” and not the priests would heed Jesus’ correction. Oddly, it would be those “commoners” that would end up sharing the message of God’s love and salvation, not the priests. OOPS!Just as God put the law in place to protect the children of Israel and draw them close to him, so too, do companies have policies in place to protect employees and to keep the work environment reasonably free of conflict. Our sinful nature often makes that difficult. However, if we are open to correction, whether from a concerned supervisor regarding a policy violation or from God for not holding fast to his word, we will do well. Yes, we will all have those “OOPS” moments, but if we are open to correction, things can and will work out. We just need to ensure that we are genuine in our attempt follow those policies.


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