Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.


It goes without saying that we are all prone to wanting to be better than everyone else. Indeed, many have been the new guy in the warehouse who is out to prove what a hot shot they are and much better they are than everyone else. Sadly, it is always the same story. They already seem to know it all and nobody can tell them anything. Nobody can do the job as well as they can, and they are quick to point out how poorly somebody else is doing the job. Typically, they are also the first one to be let go during a lay-off period. Why? Simple. They believed that they were better than everyone else and rubbed everyone’s nose in it. Were they truly a better loader, receiver, manager, or dispatcher? Maybe, but likely not. They simply had an ego and didn’t quite understand what the job entailed and refused to let anyone actually explain it to them.

Jesus suffered much the same thing in his frequent dealings with the scribe and Pharisees.  They too thought themselves better than anyone else. On an occasion in which Jesus had been invited to dinner, so too was a man with a nasty disease called “dropsy”. The simple truth is that the Pharisees were seeking to trap Jesus and prove themselves better. Jesus saw through it and called them out. He questioned whether or not it was lawful to heal on the sabbath. Since they couldn’t, or perhaps it was really wouldn’t, answer him, Jesus healed the man. Then he spoke about how they bickered over prominence and always sought the place of honor, an issue he also had with his disciples. Jesus told them, rather plainly, that they should seek to humble themselves and allow the host to exalt them, rather than seeking to exalt themselves. This is much the same as when he explained to the disciples that if they wanted to be the greatest in his kingdom, they would have to become the least amongst men. For the Pharisees and the disciples, this was completely backward to all that they knew.

How does that relate to a would be hotshot who thinks that they know the job better than anyone else? To start with, just because you may know something about the job does not mean that you necessarily know everything related to the job. There will always be an area where more training is necessary. There will always be somebody with a clearer picture of the job and better training in that field. Certainly it is good to become the best you can be at the job, but don’t think for a moment that you are the absolute best and nobody else is better. Indeed, if you believe you are truly the best, you may want to check really quick and see if you have ever voted “Employee of the Month”, and if not, why not. None of us are perfect, regardless of how good we may think we are. It is best to stop and ask what is truly going on and do we really know better than a veteran employee who has been there for five, ten, or fifteen years. Likely, if you are the new guy on the dock, then probably not. If you prove that you are truly better at your job, you will be promoted in the sight of your co-workers. That is the way it is supposed to be. Don’t try to artificially promote yourself to top dog, let those who are truly above you do it.


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