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Monthly Archives: September, 2013


Accidents happen. That is a fact of life. Nobody goes looking for them. Matters little whether its two forklifts colliding due to a wet floor or a strap hitting somebody … Continue reading

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Get to work.

In the warehouse, there are many attitudes regarding the various jobs that need accomplishing. They vary from enthusiastic to apathetic. Often, the attitudes vary in accordance with a given job. … Continue reading

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In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus told a parable regarding a manager who dealt dishonestly in the belongings of his master. The manager was about to lose his position. Being … Continue reading

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Roll with it.

Wednesday and Friday nights get pretty hectic where I work. Especially in the flatbed yard. Understand that flatbed trailers are frequently used for really heavy, awkward, or over-sized freight. This … Continue reading

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In the dictionary I keep up on the bookshelf is the word “gully”, which is a type of valley. Also in that self same dictionary is the word “gullible” which … Continue reading

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Moses had led the children of Israel for forty years. Now, Joshua would lead them into the promised land. However, before they could enter, and before he died, Moses had … Continue reading

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In Water?

Lets be practical. Getting stuck in a mud puddle sucks. Even more so if you are stuck due to lost traction on one side or the other of a forklift. … Continue reading

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It goes without saying that we are all prone to wanting to be better than everyone else. Indeed, many have been the new guy in the warehouse who is out … Continue reading

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