Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Pay me mine

Wages are what drive most of us who work in shipping. However, none of us like being paid unfairly. However, we should also know better than to think we deserve more than another. However, too often, when we find somebody else is being paid more, we feel unfairly treated. This can only lead to ruin.

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus tells the parable of a rich man who desired to save up and otherwise acquire wealth.  His coveting of wealth, however, would prove futile. In like manner, in Matthew’s gospel we read of a man who hired workers at the beginning, the middle, and near the end of the  day. The workers hired at the beginning of the day were paid both last and at the same rate as those who had been hired at the end of the day. They felt unfairly treated and desired to have been paid more. In both cases, they were coveting wealth.

Some years ago a guy was hired at the place I work. He was hired at a rate much higher than normal. When it got out how much he’d been hired at, the company put out a policy not to discuss wages anymore. In all truthfulness, it was a good move. Many were very upset with it. Again, it was coveting. The fact is, they felt unfairly treated and wanted to be paid the same thing as the one who was hired at a higher rate.

The fact is that sooner or later, we all want something that isn’t ours, even if it is higher wages. This is coveting, pure and simple. Sometimes it is best to accept what we have and not desire what belongs to others, including their wages. When we can be content with what we have, we are not only obedient to God’s command not to covet, be we will find we are much happier. It may seem odd, but its true. God has blessed us abundantly, we should learn to recognize that.


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