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Who’s in Charge?

New hires and transfers can cause a shake up in the every day routine. Whether it is sending a loader to help with out in the flat yard or the freezer supervisor taking over dry receiving, it can shake things up. Sometimes, however, a shake up is needed to break people from their set routine and to rethink things. This can especially be true when it means having a different supervisor in charge.

This past Sunday, part of the Gospel lesson included the Lord’s Prayer as recorded in Luke’s Gospel. It is interesting to that Jesus immediately makes reference to God the Father in the prayer he taught. Jesus insisted on making certain that the disciples never forgot who was ultimately in charge, God Almighty. This was also true when the Lord visited Abraham. Abraham begged the Lord to spare Sodom if there could be found ten righteous people, though such was not the case, which the Lord had already known. God was still in charge, not Abraham. Abraham knew it, and God affirmed it by informing Abraham that when he returned within a year’s time, Sarah would have a son. Yes, God was in control.

Now then, if we know and understand that God has full control of all things, then it stands to reason that he is in charge, even when there is a shake up in our daily routines, including a change of supervisors or positions. Such things must be as change is inevitable. However, even in the freight industry, change is not easy. Sometimes it may even seem absolutely unnecessary. However, we can whether the storms of change in all things so long as we remember that regardless of whom our earthly supervisor is, God is still in control and we should gladly say “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”.


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