Forklift Theology

Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Losing it.

Isn’t it interesting how we can lose freight that we are certain got loaded into a trailer. We might well wonder how freight can get lost in transit, presuming it was actually loaded to begin with. Usually it is not that it was lost, rather it was an oversight on the part of the receiving party, and it was really misplaced. So too can it be with our faith. In the book of Genesis, we read how Abraham, at the urging of his wife, Sarah, to take Hagar to bear him a son. God had made a promise to Abraham and now Abraham was well advanced in years and losing faith. Yes, Hagar bore him a son, but it was not the one that God had planned for him. God still intended for Abraham to have a son via Sarah. So too can be with us. We lose faith when things don’t go the way we had thought they would. Perhaps we should first check to see if we are still abiding in God’s plan. If not, then we are certain to lose faith as things will most certainly not go the way we think they should. However, if we abide in God’s plan, we find rather quickly that we are simply like the receiver on the other end of a load who misplaced something due to an oversight. When we realize what the oversight was, our faith is restored, just like realizing that the freight was lumped with another order by accident and being able to find it quickly.


I love it when people ask me if I have “found Jesus”.

I simply reply “I didn’t realize he was lost”.


Truth is, we are.


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