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Monthly Archives: July, 2013

Who’s in Charge?

New hires and transfers can cause a shake up in the every day routine. Whether it is sending a loader to help with out in the flat yard or the … Continue reading

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Just visiting.

It would ┬ábe rather uncommon for a driver to back his truck into a warehouse door and just sit there while the receiving crew unloaded. No. The driver really needs … Continue reading

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Who’s time is it?

There are times when nothing can be more frustrating than an irate driver showing up after the gates are locked and the receiving crew has gone home. Even worse is … Continue reading

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My neighbor’s freight

Damaged freight sucks. Simple truth. It quite difficult for a vendor to sell something, unless the price is discounted, when it was damaged. Sadly, due to the nature of the … Continue reading

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Losing it.

Isn’t it interesting how we can lose freight that we are certain got loaded into a trailer. We might well wonder how freight can get lost in transit, presuming it … Continue reading

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