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Faith musings from the seat of a forklift.

Concerns of the world and the kingdom

In today’s gospel lesson, Jesus has some interesting things to say to some would be followers, each one having some worldly concern or another that they feel is more important than it is to immediately follow Jesus. One wanted to bury his father, another wanted to kiss his family goodbye, and another was simply told that “the son of man has no place to lay his head”. Odd. All three are worldly concerns. It is not common to take a trip without say “goodbye” to your friends and family. It is not unusual to want to make certain all important matters are taken care of before a trip. Nor is it common that somebody would go on a trip and not give any thought to sleeping arrangements on the way. Yes, Jesus literally told people that when it comes to the kingdom of God, those other things didn’t matter. How often do we do likewise?


When loading freight, I am often consumed with how to make something fit just right. When I take a piece of freight, I am stuck with it. I have to load it. I can not simply say “I don’t think I can use this after all”, unless that really and truly is the case, which is pretty rare. In like manner, we should be consumed with seeking the kingdom of God. We can not allow ourselves the luxury of allowing the trappings of this world to tell us we don’t need to seek God’s kingdom. If we do, the words of Jesus to those would be disciples could easily become his words to us. Just like with freight, when we commit to seeking God’s kingdom, we should not try to turn back because it isn’t convenient. Just as a piece of freight may not fit the way we may want it does not give us an excuse to let it sit, so it is that while it may not be convenient to seek God’s kingdom, and thus ignoring pleasures of the flesh, there is no valid reason not to. We should be seeking God’s kingdom in our lives, as it is the only thing that will truly last.


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